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     Kawasaki Z-1 / KZ900 / KZ1000...1973 to 1980....
                                 Some of the Bikes on this page are for sale, and are indicated as such

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    Redline has been well known for specializing in old Kaw 900's and 1000's since the late 70's - when they were still produced!
   We have one of the largest parts inventories - both new & used - for old the USA . Every part in our inventory is a part that we have used - and have checked for quality and fit. We don't sell what we don't use -  We do not make a living selling second-rate merchandise to other Old Kaw enthusiasts.
     Our parts are also well organized and well inventoried. In addition to basic service and hard parts for these bikes, we carry - in stock -  air filters, electrical parts, engine parts, exhaust systems, high-perf ignitions and coils,  shocks....and much more. We are constantly testing new products, and adding to our parts inventory. We also have tons of used stuff, and many obsolete parts - - all kept indoors in heated storage - and all in very good condition.

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As of July, 2015,  we also no longer accept credit cards - In our 39 years of service
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    In addition to doing basic service to old Kaws, we do a considerable amount of high performance work.  Over the past 37 years, we have built hundreds of 900 & 1000 engines, and have restored dozens of these bikes from the frame-up - -  and we are still doing this work today. Examples of our restorations and Bikes For Sale  appear on this page, and descriptions and pictures of our old Kaws appear in our list of motorcycles for sale.
    From our experience, we have learned how to improve the old Kaws by substituting modern components, and making modifications to these bikes. We incorporate these upgrades in our bikes for sale, and in the Kaws we regularly service. We are, however, largely traditionally-oriented old Kawasaki enthusiasts, wishing to preserve the timeless original quality of these bikes.
   We specialize in street motorcycles, and we build our old Kaws to be reliable and run as good as they look!
..Lande Z1 RH c WOKP RH Front Lead Pic
              1973 Z1 Project 2015
 Our KZ1200 Project Bike
  1976 KZ900 / 1075cc  Redline Project 2014 

     ..RH Rear pic Oosman finished 3
        1980 LTD 1000  Project 2017            1977 KZ1000A Modified 1200cc   1977 KZ1000A - Last Remaining Mag. Test Bike


RH 1-24-20.JPG
                                  Redline's 1974 Z1-A                     1980 KZ1000G Classic                  1978 KZ1000D / Z1-R Turbo 
                Redline's 1975 Z1B  Project Bike                   1976 KZ900B / LTD  / Frame-Up Resto 2019
                     This Bike will Soon Be Offered For Sale
                          Redline's 1977 KZ1000B1 / LTD

                                               New Entries Currently Being Developed for This Section
        1976 KZ900A / Redline Project 2013                       1978 KZ1000A2
           Redline Cycle Project Bike 2020
           1977 KZ1000B1 Project Bike

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