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Spoke Wheels - Assembled

These wheels are built using our  Reproduction Rims and  Stainless Spokes ,
laced to stock Kaw 900 hubs with new,  Sealed Wheel Bearings .....
The hubs have had their interiors glass-bead blasted, and the outer flanges
are professionally polished.......

Wheel assemblies below are available on a limited basis.... From "In Stock" to 60 day wait....

See the 2nd (lower) listing on this page for our more economical spoke wheel assemblies......

These are not available with tires mounted


KZ900A front wheel is shown above left....Z-1 front also available with stock, black front hub, as shown below.......
Both Z-1 and KZ900A rear wheels are the same......with bead-blasted hub center and polished outer flanges
                                               Wheel assemblies require polishable core hubs in exchange
                                                                  Z-1 front wheel assembly   $779.00
                                                                KZ900A / 1000A (77-78)  front wheel assembly  $674.00
                                                                  Z-1 / KZ900A rear wheel assembly  $728.00
                                                                KZ1000A (77-78) rear wheel assembly  $789.00

                                                               Hub Core Charges: (included above)  Z-1 front  $125.00
                                                                                                                          KZ900 / 1000A front  $80.00
                                                                                                                          KZ900 / Z-1 rear  $120.00
                                                                                                                          KZ1000A rear Call for Info

Another option - A very nice but less expensive alternative:

Limited Availability
Currently only available in 1973 thru 1977 KZ900 Rear /
1976 thru 1978 KZ900 / KZ1000A Front

Rear:  New DID rim laced to a stock 900 hub - Very nice, new zinc plated spokes (as original Kawasaki OEM)
Not polished but very clean...... New Kawasaki OEM sealed wheel bearings......
 Requires core hub or $90 core charge         $489.00   SOLD
Front:  New DID rim laced to a stock 900 hub / Kaw OEM spokes...
New Kawasaki OEM sealed wheel bearing
Requires core hub or $75 core charge         $289.00   SOLD


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