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Wheel Bearings / Hub Seals

Don't use cheap wheel bearings in your bike - See the pic at the bottom of this page -

For all 1973 thru 1980 900 & 1000 models ........

The best bearings you can buy for your old Kaw ......

These ultra-high quality bearings are double shielded to keep lubricating grease inside, and to keep dirt and contaminants outside...... Way ahead of the original parts in your bike.....

Left: Front wheel bearings   $16.49 each  (2 per bike)

Center: Rear wheel bearings    $26.49 each  (2 per bike)

Right: Sprocket hub bearing    $27.49 each  (1 per bike)
   (Comes with orange side seals - same as wheel bearings)

In Stock at Redline Cycle

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kawasaki OEM wheel hub seals .........

Left Top: Left side sprocket hub seal fits all 1973 thru 1980 chain drive models...... $13.99 each

Left Center / Bottom: Left side rear hub o-rings for 1977 thru 1980 1000 models:
        Center: For 1000A / 1000D models ......
        Bottom: For 1000B (LTD) models ......  $7.95 each

Right Bottom: Right side rear hub seal for all 1977 thru 1980 1000 models ...... $12.95 each

Right Top:  Right side front wheel seal for all 1976 thru 1980 900 & 1000 models ......  $12.95
   (Limited Availability) 


In Stock at Redline Cycle

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> For 1973 thru 1975 Z-1 900 models ...... Kawasaki OEM
           front wheel seals ......

Left:  Front wheel hub seal ........  $11.49 ea.

Right:  Speedo drive seal ......  $24.95 ea.
                     (Limited Availability)


It doesn't pay to try and save money in certain areas -
This Chinese-made wheel bearing, commonly available in
sets on the internet, exploded and failed totally after 1000 miles -
And could have cost this Kaw's owner his life....

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