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Point Ignition Parts / Igntion Advance Unit

Contrary to popular belief, there's nothing wrong with a point ignition - if it's properly set up.......
After all, that's what the Kaw 900's and 1000's gained their reputation with in the first place.....
Keep that bike running right with the proper parts............
We also have a huge inventory of used ignition parts including advance mechanisms, coils,
and much more.........Just ask!

Point sets and condenser for all 1973 thru 1978 Kawasaki 900 & 1000 models:

New point plate / OEM Quality - - complete    $114.95  each

Left or Right Point      NLA 

Condenser                  NLA 

Used point plate / complete   $45.00   Limited Availability
  (w/all good hardware / above average points)


NEW ignition advance assembly - Made in Japan - Excellent quality -    $174.00

This advance unit is made in the style and to the specs of the 1976-1977 KZ900 / KZ1000 point ignition models ...
 20 degreee advance at idle / 40 degrees fully advanced

Can be used  as a direct replacement for all 1973 thru 1979 Kaw 900 & 1000 point ignition models,
and works for all applications with aftermarket electronic ignitions that utilize the stock advancer (like the Dyna S) -

Can also be used on all 1979 - 1980  electronic igntion models by swapping the point cam with your OEM projected cam

$159.00 with txhe purchase of  an Electronic Ignition

Champion Spark Plugs

Champion provides a non-resistor
plug for the 1973 thru  1980 Kaw 900's and 1000's

In Stock at Redline Cycle
                            $5.99 each

NOTE:  These are equivalent to the NGK B8ES - -
which are the correct application plugs for all 1973 thru 1980 Kaw 900's and 1000's -

Most, if not all current application charts show the NGK "BR8ES" as the correct application for these bikes -
The "BR8ES" plug IS NOT the correct plug for these bikes

NGK resistor spark plug caps......
This is one of the most overlooked items necessary for a good ignition tune-up.........Half of the Kaw 900's and 1000's on the road are still using their 30 year old plug caps, most owners unaware that they gain resistance or fail altogether over time....Not to mention the worn out rubber seals.
Simply remove (unscrew) the old cap from the wire end, cut off about 1/8" of wire to make a fresh end, shoot in a little contact cleaner as a temporary lubricant, and screw the new ones on........Big improvement in spark!
For use on any 7mm wires - Stock or aftermarket.....Most 900's and 1000's will use two 90° caps (LB05F) and two 45° caps (VB05F).......

In Stock at Redline Cycle
             $7.49 each cap

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