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Dyna / Taylor Ignition Wires

Dyna 7mm Ignition Wires

7mm wire, silicone, copper core wire sets made by Dyna....will work on any coil that takes a 7mm wire.

These sets come with the plug-end fittings and boots already on the wire. Terminals amd boots are provided for the coil ends, along with the screw-on spark plug top adapters. Just trim them to the length you need...plenty of wire for any Kaw application.

Available in yellow, red, or black.

                       Red / Black Wires  32.95 per set
                            ($28.95 per set with  Dyna Coils  purchase)

                     Yellow Wires        39.95 per set

In Stock at Redline Cycle

Taylor 8mm Ignition Wires

Red and Black 8mm wire sets.....Resistor core....
High quality silcone wires for any coils that use an 8mm wire.....
These come with coil end boots and hardware....45° plug ends...

These can be used to substitute the yellow wires on the high output  Accel Coils ... 

 Note 6-12: The 8mm Red wires now supplied are slightly different than those pictured - New Pic Soon

In Stock at Redline Cycle

         $56.95 per set

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