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See info at the bottom of this page regarding complete / ready-to-run
Kaw 900 / 1000 carb sets sold outright...

Kawasaki 900 / 1000 Carb Service & Repair

We work on carbs from all models of 1973 thru 1980 Kawasaski  900 & 1000

What makes us different than the other 50 guys online who "rebuild" Kaw 900-1000 carbs?

......Aside from our 45 years of experience with these bikes......

"Rebuilding" a set of carbs at Redline means more than
replacing a bunch of parts
 It means making them run the way they're supposed to

We don't concentrate on making carbs pretty when we work on them - That's
what the other outfits do
- - We usually leave that to the customer - -
We spend our customers' money doing what they can't do >> Making them run right -

And the only way that can be done is to take your
carbs out on the road and run them
- - - And prior to sending them back to you,
That's what we do !
Because that's the only way you really know if you've got them right,
and the customer will be satisfied with them!

The one major factor that distinguishes us from the other outfits is that we actually
test & tune the sets of carbs we service >  out on the road on test bikes
- -
That we have specifically for that purpose -

Any outfit that doesn't is wasting their time
and your money

E-mail us for info and pricing  at >

There are a lot of outfits on the internet that sell "rebuilt" carbs for the old Kaws.....
With most shops, this involves putting a bunch of aftermarket parts  in a set, making
them look pretty, and sending them out..... without any testing at all! 

We work on carbs from all models of 1973 thru 1980 Kawasaki  900 & 1000

At Redline Cycle,rebuilding a set of old Kaw carbs goes several steps beyond this.
While we do use some aftermarket parts, we avoid using the ones which we know to be of inferior quality.
OEM Kawasaki parts are used in critical areas where they make a difference...... And whatever
parts are used in the process, any set we sell outright or rebuild is not only bench tested, put
also put on a test bike, synchronized, adjusted, and test driven for proper performance.

That's not enough though..... Our experience has taught us that even a set that runs a bike very well
can have hidden problems, so all the plugs are checked for proper burn. 

If a set of carbs doesn't run right, and doesn't burn the plugs with the right color, they don't go out.
They get worked until they are right. We don't leave problems for our customers to solve. Period.

Complete sets sold starting at $489.00.....
(Carb set sales require a core set of Kaw 900/1000 carbs in addition to the cost of our carb set...
......E-Mail for Info  >

Are your carbs worth rebuilding? Send them to us and we'll evaluate them.
Rebuilding prices quoted on an individual basis.

E-mail us for info at >

Redline Cycle Svc., Inc.
Illinois / Arizona

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