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Carb Rebuild Kits

Hey....there's nothing listed here......   Why?
                                               Because Redline doesn't sell them.

Everybody sells the aftermarket carb rebuild kits..... So why don't we?
In our 44 years experience on the Kaw 900's and 1000's, we have learned that while there are
some good parts in the aftermarket kits which are available, there is also a lot of junk. In fact,
installing aftermarket kits in your set of carbs will cause as many, if not more problems than
it will solve. Unlike an automotive carb rebuild kit , where you are likely going to get every part you need,
and even some you don't, for $30.00, 4 motorcycle kits are going to run you $120.00 - or more....
And a lot of the stuff you really need won't be in there.
Save your money.
We don't sell parts that don't do the job.

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