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Cables & Cable Hardware    This Page Last Updated 2-1-22
We stock a large assortment of aftermarket and Kawasaki OEM
cables for all the 1973 thru 1980 900'.s and 1000's......
In most situations, the aftermarket cables do the job as well as the

originals, and for a lot less money. .....When we find that the
aftermarket items don't do the job, we use Kaw originals.....

For misc. cable parts and brackets.... Click here

Standard Aftermarket Cables.........

Clutch Cables (Std.) :   $29.95 each
Clutch Cable :  For superbike bars:  $32.95 each

Throttle Cables>
Std. - For Z1 / KZ900A / KZ1000A / Z1-R:   $23.95 ea.
For LTD models: $31.95 ea.    (Ours Actually FIT !!)
For superbike bars:   $28.95 each

  Tach Cables / Std. >   $29.95 each
2" Extended tach cable / oil cooler applications .....$39.95
Speedo Cables:  $25.95 each
For dual-disc  applications$29.95 each

Special Kawasaki OEM Cables.......

Speedo - For 1973 thru 1979 dual-disc
                front brake applications
                            $36.95 each

Speedo- For 1976 thru 1979 900 & 1000
          LTD models    $36.95 each

Speedo - For 1980 1000 models...........
                            $36.95  each

Throttle - For 1973 thru 1977 Z-1 /
                  KZ900 restorations .......
                            $54.00 each (special ord.)

Lube your  cables before installation....
Cable Luber Tool



Kawasaki OEM Cable securing hardware:
                       Left: Tach & Speedo Cable holders.............. $5.49 each
Right: Clutch cable holder ....... $6.99 each

         Bands - Cable & Wire Securing

Here's a nice resto item....

Kawasaki OEM NOS cable & wire securing bands......
Add that nice touch to your Kaw 900/1000 restoration with the original factory cable ties .......

Left:   Medium length (5.75 inch overall length) for          securing wiring to frame members....
                                          $5.49 each

Right:  Short length (4.75 inch overall length) for securing wiring to handlebars.....
                                          $4.99 each

In Stock at Redline Cycle


Kawasaki OEM / NOS cable guides for most 1973 thru 1980 900 & 1000 models.......

                          Left or Right    $23.95 each

                                       Set / NOS    $45.00

                                             Used       $9.95 each

Limited Availability on NOS pieces

Lube your  cables before installation....
Cable Luber Tool

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