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Cable Parts & Brackets

For all Kawasaki 900 & 1000 models......

Kawasaki OEM NOS cable bracket secures the tach and speedo cables to the lower fork clamp....

                             $3.99 each

In Stock at Redline Cycle

Here's a nice resto item....

Kawasaki OEM NOS cable & wire securing bands......
Add that nice touch to your Kaw 900/1000 restoration with the original factory cable ties .......

Left:   Medium length (5.75 inch overall length) for          securing wiring to frame members....
                                                $4.59 each

Right:  Short length (4.75 inch overall length) for securing wiring to handlebars.....
                                                $4.29 each

In Stock at Redline Cycle

             Kawasaki OEM clutch cable clamp...... As used on all 1973 thru 1980 900 & 1000 models .......

                                       $6.49 ea.

In Stock at Redline Cycle

               Kawasaki OEM / NOS cable guides for most 1973 thru 1980 900 & 1000 models.......

                          Left or Right    $23.95 each

                               Set / NOS    $45.00
                                    Used       $9.95 each

Limited Availability on NOS pieces

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