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Big Bore Piston Kits

We don't carry the entire Wiseco bore kit line for the Kaw 900's and 1000's.......But we do have
ready access to any of their products......While we often use these kits in our engines, we have,
over the years, used a dozen different types of pistons in the old Kaws.......We usually have
1075cc kits in stock,  and also often have 1015cc / 1105cc / 1135cc
 kits as well......
Also - In many cases, the bore kits as delivered don't always provide the best
gaskets for the job
.    We use combinations of pistons & gaskets that from our experience,
do the job best.

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1015 cc Stock Kaw piston set


Wiseco 1075cc / 10.25 to 1 compression ratio bore kit....Boring only required for all 1977 to 1980 KZ1000 cylinders.......Sleeving or other mods needed for installation on 900 models*.........

For general street use, this is the best all-around bore size to use on your Kaw 1000.......or 900*......
Very noticeable power increase, even with stock cams....A 1075 with stock cams can surprise you!...

Includes pistons, pins, rings, clips**, and high quality 1 piece head & base gaskets.....See note below....
                          In Stock at Redline Cycle     $599.00

Note: The Wiseco kits, due to their 10.25 to 1 compression ratio, will often cause detonation or "pinging" with the use of pump premium gasoline. As an option, we advise the use of a special cylinder base gasket to avoid this.
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     Cylinder Base Gaskets
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*Instead of expensive sleeving on 900 models, we install these kits in 1000 cylinders and then do slight mods to the 900 upper crankcase to fit them - Easiest & cheapest way.....
**We use a special Kawasaki OEM piston clip when we use these kits.....Our only complaint - The Wiseco clips are too stout....We include ours at no charge....

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