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Z1-R Reproduction Windshields & Hardware

                                    Scroll down... Lots of parts and hardware at the bottom.......

High quality imported repro windshield for 1978 and 1980 Z1-R models.......

Very nice appearance, shading very similar to the original shield......

    The top edge trim shown is no longer  
     provided with these shields .....
     These shield are a good fit, and the

      mount holes align very will not be 


Limited availability:   From In-Stock to special order /
                                     3 week to 6 week delivery

>>>>>>>>> Kawsaki Z1-R upper rubber windshield trim - Used - In very good shape with no issues......
                                              $89.00    SOLD
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kawasaki OEM NOS KZ1000D windshield........

New in the original packaging



Genuine Kawasaki OEM Z1-R windshield - Used - Shinkolite type
Mint on the outside - 2 very small chips on the inside app. 5 inches from bottom center.....
One chip 1/8 inch circular, one chip 1/16 inth circular....Both 1/64 inch deep...No other flaws
                      .....Still very, very nice    $419.00   Sold
Kawasaki OEM NOS lower windshield trim...... New - in the original packaging.... $179.00  

Mounting hardware for Z1-R windshields ......

Top: Black anodized 5mm X 12mm screw 
           (8 per windshield)       $1.29 each / $10.00 set / 8

Bottom:Kawasaki OEM NOS well nuts
     (8 per windshield)       $4.49 each 

In Stock at Redline Cycle

Not shown: 5mm plastic washer (under screw head)
          (8 per windshield)      Included with set 8 of each above 


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