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Z1-R Fuel Level Sender Unit Gas Cap

In many cases, we can repair and re-condition an in-op Z1-R fuel sender..... See info below

 >>>>>>>  For the 1978 and 1980 KZ1000D models .....

New NOS Kawasaki OEM fuel sender 

Sender only......Gasket, boot, screws, and hose are not included


Only 1 Available


>>>>>>>>>>> Reconditioned Z1-R fuel sending units......

Some Z1-R sending units can be restored......

Depending on our inventory, we may have a re-conditioned unit in stock, which we can sell you taking yours as core....

Or........We can repair yours......

Not sold outright without a serviceable core unit in return

         From  $235.00    Call for Info

For the 1978 KZ1000D1 models...... New Kawasaki OEM gas cap was mounted on an empty  tank, but never used.
In like new condition ....... No Longer Available -
Note: New repro Z1-R gas caps will be available Spring 2013

Kawasaki NOS gas cap seal for 1978-1980 KZ1000D 
(Z1-R) models .........

Long discontinued by Kawasaki , and hard to find.....
    but we've got them in stock

                                        $25.99 each

Kawasaki OEM fuel sender unit seal for all 1978 and 1980 Kawasaki KZ1000D / Z1-R models ......

                                    $11.95 each

In Stock at Redline Cycle


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