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Z1-R Engines / Complete

1978 KZ1000D / Z1-R engine / Case # KZT00DE-002727 / Forged 72mm (1075cc) Pistons / 9.50 to 1 C.R. /
Web-Cam #119 Grind cams
Comprehensive high-perf rebuild of an unabused 10,000 mile engine
The work on this engine included a complete top & bottom rebuild / Undercut 2nd & 5th gear set /
Welded crankshaft / All new engine hardware (Case bolts - Pan bolts) / Grade 8 cam cap bolts /
New HD cam chain with all new OEM camchain guides and rollers /
3 angle valve job with new valve seals /  Valves adjusted / Cams properly degreed /
New clutch / Ultra-durable high-temp semi-gloss black over glass-bead blast prep finish /
Bearing clutch pusher / Overshift bushing / Oil cooler fittings mounted
To be finished with Z1-R head fin detailing (not yet done in pic)
This engine is a direct fit in all 1973 thru 1978 Kawasaki 900 & 1000 models, $3,600.00
and can be adapted to fit all 1979 & 1980 1000 models

We have other Z1-R engines in stock - All have been test driven and evaluated....
Can be rebuilt from stock to high perf - Call for info - Toll-free 877-271-9292

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