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Z1-R Fairing End Caps

Fairing trim end caps for 1978 and 1980 KZ1000D Z1-R.....
An often needed part, discontiued long ago by Kawasaki....
But we often have them....New NOS, and good used!
We also have the OEM well nut and screw that secure the end cap to the cowl.......

In Stock at Redline Cycle

Kawasaki OEM 11012-1025 left cap
                          11012-1026 right cap 
                               either left or right  $25.95 ea.
                                        Set - 1 LH / 1 RH   $50.00
                  OEM well nut        $3.49 each 
     5mm screw (zinc plated)        .50   each 
     5mm screw (black anodized)  $1.39 each / $10.00 set - 8
     (black anodized not shown)

Note: End caps currently IN STOCK.... Call for info
                                                    toll-free 877-271-9292

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