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Z1-R Handlebar Switches

Kawasaki left bar switch # 46091-1029..... For 1978 and 1980 KZ1000D models .....

Condition: Used

Kawasaki discontinued these switches 10 years ago..... We acquired this near-new, used left switch assembly as part of a recent purchase ............

This is one of the last new switches Kawasaki had in stock, as indicated by the all-white lettering. This switch, if detailed, could pass for new. All its functions,, including the turn signal canceller, work perefectly.

                                            SOLD / NLA
Last retail price:    $193.33

NEW NOS Kawasaki OEM right hand switch assembly....

Originally for the 1977-78 KZ1000A models (with internal wiring - inside the handlebar), this new Kaw switch can be easily adapted to many 1000 models to fit as an internal or external wiring switch..........

5 wire configuration with male bullet ends......Black, brown, brown/white, blue/white, and yellow/red wires.....

This will solve your right-hand switch problems in a hurry - and for good......
                                    - NLA - 

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