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Mikuni VM34 / VM36 RS Carbs / Carb Conversion Kits / Parts

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Mikuni 34mm / 36mm Radial Flat Slide Carbs & complete Conversion Kits for Kawasaki 900 & 1000 models.....

By a wide margin, these carbs are the best performance carbs that you can put on a modified Kaw 900 or 1000 ......

The best because they not only serve as a perfromance/racing carb, but are civilized enough for the street, and provide good idling and low-speed characteristics. 

VM34RS are recommended for smaller bore engines and specific applications up to 1197cc.

VM36RS are recommended for 1135cc engines and larger with more radical cams and head work.

Their use requires changing intake manifolds, manifold clamps, and air filters. 

These carbs have dual fuel inlets....Fuel petcock replacement is  recommended, but not always necessary.  Click here  for some info on this, and to see some fuel petcock options.

The K&N Oval air filters are pictured at left. The K&N tapered type can also be used, and must be used with Z-1 style

The stock throttle and stock throttle cables can be used.

The carbs and kit components are all sold individually or in complete sets from Redline Cycle.....

Carbs alone include fuel line, clamps, 8 extra main jets, and Mikuni tuning manual.

Our kits also include intake manifolds w/ new mount screws, Mikuni style standard intake clamps (not those shown in pic) and K&N oval air filters as pictured. (Or K&N tapered for Z-1 applications) 

Also: Click Here for additional information on major improvements we can make to the standard RS carbs.....

Components and Kit Pricing:

                            VM34RS Carbs Only    $889.00                   VM34RS Conversion Kit   $1189.00
                                     VM36RS Carbs Only    $1019.00                 VM36RS Conversion Kit   $1319.00

          We have 2 types of intake manifolds for the RS carbs >

             Intake manifolds  (for stock 1973 thru 1980 heads) >     Set/4  $129.00         K&N Oval or Tapered (for Z1 models) Air Filters        $229.95 

                                                 (for ported and 1981 & later heads)  >  Set/4   $169.00

                            Intake manifold clamps   See Below           

Unfortunately, recent price increases by Mikuni Corp are reflected in the above prices......


......................... RS Carb Conversion kits include standard intake clamps as shown at bottom left.......... $4.99 ea.

Shown at top / left: Optional Kawasaki OEM intake clamps are $10.99 ea

............................. The K&N tapered style air filters are supplied with our RS carb kits for use on 1973 thru 1975 Z-1 models......

Tapered air filters are needed to clear the semi-circular cutouts in the Z-1 style sidecovers. In some instances, these cutouts in the Z-1 sidecovers may have to be enlarged slightly to clear the filters......

Genuine Mikuni bowl gaskets for the RS Series carbs....

             $9.99 each  /  $30.00 Set of 4

In Stock at Redline Cycle


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