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Steering Dampers
See the lower listing on this page for special-application steering dampers....


Our basic steering damper setup >>>>

The best steering damper for your Kaw 900 or 1000....
Rear of damper mounts to the right frame reflector tab on the frame....Adjustable tension damper steadies the forks on that shaky old Kaw.....They really help!
On 1973 thru Z-1 models, there is a hole in the lower triple clamp to which the front of the damper can be mounted, eliminating the need for the front mount bracket...
The optional front mount bracket** is a super high quality item that clamps to the right fork tube of  **any 1973 to 1980 Kaw 900 or 1000. It will allow adjustable mounting of the front of the damper to any old Kaw*.....See mounted pics below...

KZ1000D / Z1-R Models >
While this damper can be mounted on a KZ1000D / Z1-R >
Reinforcement of the reflector bracket is necessary -
See damper listed below on this page for Z1-R applications

In Stock at Redline Cycle
           Steering Damper Only...........  149.95
                 Damper / Bracket Set............. $234.99

**NOTE - that this type of front mount bracket is not suited to 1976 thru 1980 bikes with stock "fork ear" type headlight mounts. For these applications >> See the listing lower on this page. 

*...These Steering dampers will not mount if an oil cooler is on the bike....Cooler  interferes with the damper body.... For these applications See the listing lower on this page.


Pics show the steering damper above installed with the mount bracket shown......The bracket contours the
bends in the lower triple clamp, and mimics the position of the hole in the lower clamp found on the early Z-1's...
Rear of the damper mounts to the right reflector tab, which is drilled to 5/16" to accept the damper stud....
A very clean setup........

Will not fit KZ1000D / Z1-R models without modification !
Will not fit with oil cooler mounted.......

Special Application Steering Damper

OC Damper Kit Brackets 1 OC Rear Damper Mount 1 OC Rear Damper Mount

Steering damper kit for bikes with oil coolers .....
 KZ1000D / Z1-R Models,
and 1976 to 1980 KZ900A / KZ1000A Models with fork ear type headlight mounts ......

......Made in Japan

The unique rear mount bracket that comes with this setup
mounts to the horn bracket on the frame -
This creates a much stronger rear mount than the frame reflector bracket,
making it more suitable to KZ1000D / Z1-R Models.......

The front mount in this kit works off the recess in the bottom of the steering stem.....
which makes it more suited to 1976 thru 1980 bikes with "fork ear" headlight mounts .......
(1976 to 1980 KZ900A / KZ1000A Models)

For oil cooler applications >   The brackets in this kit lift the damper over
the cooler body using a typical Lockhart standard oil cooler -
                                                                                                                                          $379.00  Special Order
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The info and pics on this damper are left on this page for reference only -
They are NLA

Standard steering stabilizers won't work whan oil coolers are mounted on a 1973 thru 1980 Kaw 900 or 1000.... The cooler location interferes with the normal mounting position of the damper.....

Not easy, but the bracket shown can be made from aluminim 90 degree angle stock, and mounted to the cam cover. 

Extreme caution must be taken with any steering damper to insure that it is installed properly and does not restrict the full steering travel, or in any way cause the steering to be un-responsive!



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