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Aftermarket Fuel Petcocks

This single-outlet petcock is made to order for all 1973 thru 1980 900's & 1000's that use one fuel line.......
These include the 1978 and 1980 KZ1000D models (Z1-R), and the 1980 KZ1000G (Z-1 Classic / fuel injected).

It is also perfect for use with Mikuni VM29 Smoothbore carbs, and gives better flow on top of it......

Screws right on to the stock tank spigot with no mods.....

See the item below for the version of this valve for use  on the 1978 thru 1980 1000A models with the 2-bolt tank mount......

Just call if you need more info....toll-free 877-271-9292

In Stock at Redline Cycle  $101.95

                                    There are fuel petcocks like this with dual outlets - Why doesn't Redline sell them? ....
                                        ..... We don't carry the dual-outlet petcocks because they often leak when shut off....
                                              These single-outlet valves never leak......
                                             On bikes with dual-inlet carbs, just use the petcock above with a "T" fitting ...... $8.99

''''''''''''''''''''''''''''..................'b OEM-quality reproduction vaccuum-type fuel petcock (Made in Japan) as used on 1978 KZ1000A2A models, and 1979 and 1980 KZ1000 models  with the 2-bolt mount.....
(other than the KZ1000B / LTD)

High-quality unit not prone to leaks like the original....

Mounts directly with no mods......


This model has one outlet - Models with using a dual-inlet set of carbs will require a "T" fitting...... $8.99

  In Stock at Redline Cycle

For the 1978 - 1980 KZ1000A models with vaccuum operated fuel petcock, with 2 bolt mount at base......

Finally, a permanent solution to that leaky OEM diaphragm type petcock.....This item converts your fuel valve to a conventional "On-Off-Reserve" unit.

High quality, polished fuel valve and adapter base with mounting screws and all seals......

As is, single outlet ideal for Mikuni VM29 Smoothbores and all single fuel line type carbs........Add a "T" fitting to adapt this unit for stock 2 fuel line carbs.......

Just call if you need more info....toll-free 877-271-9292
                   Fuel Petcock        $96.95
                   Adapter Base       $34.95
                 "T" Fitting         $6.99
                    3 piece set          $134.99
In Stock at Redline Cycle

Also - - See Listing Above

                                                                      Fuel Line / Vent Line / Overflow Line

The best stuff.....Ultra-high quality line for multiple applications:

Bottom: 1/4" ID fuel line is ultra-high quality, very 
              flexible, and long lasting   $17.95 / 2.5 foot pkg.
               (enough line for any bike with  2 carb fuel inlets)

Center:   3/16" ID carb vent line  $15.49 / 3 foot pkg.

Top:  Carb overflow line: Stronger and more durable than 
          original OEM line
     NOTE: Carb overflow line measurements:
  carb #1 - 23"  /  carb #2 - 20"  /  carbs #3 & #4 - 18.5"
                                              Full Set         $21.00

       ,                 Small 8mm clips for the overflow lines are not necessary
with the high-quality line that we use, but they add that original touch -
                            $1.19 ea.  / $4.00 set of 4

In Stock at Redline Cycle

High quality OEM "T" fitting converts any single outlet  petcock to a dual outlet petcock........Gives a permanent seal with the proper fuel line......Will work with 1/4 or4 5/16 I.D. line....

In Stock at Redline Cycle......

                              $8.99 each

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