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Service Manuals

While we sometimes have good, used factory manuals to sell for the old Kaws,
they are getting harder and harder to find........ Used manuals fetch a good dollar
as well, even when not in the best condition..... Call us to check availability...
Toll-Free 877-271-9292
As a substitute, we offer the book below.....

                          Aftermarket service manual for 1973 thru 1980 Kawasaki
                 900's and 1000's........

While the Clymer manuals are not as comprehensive as the original Kaw books, they do attempt to cover all the models, and have a lot of useful info......

Good wiring diagrams are provided for 90% of the various 
    models, and although black & white, are accurate and
     very helpful........

While we have a good selection of Kawasaki OEM manuals in
our shop. we have one of these at hand for quick referencing certain info...... Not easy to find anything fast in the original books......A useful tool, and this book will do the job for most mechanics.........

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