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Not shown below are many of the other ignition switches, seat locks, and fork locks for the Kaw
900's and 1000's ....... But we have them ........
Just call us TOLL-FREE at 877-271-9292


For all 1973 to 1975 Z-1 900 models......

This high quality Z-1 reproducton lock set is made in Japan.....

Ignition switch, seat lock, and fork lock all keyed alike, with 4 keys..........These parts are also sold individually - See prices below....

Includes set screw for fork lock, ignition switch bracket and plastic nut....
     **Complete Set (Z-1 models)... $89.95 (pic @ right)

Parts sold seperately:
        Ignition switch  (w/2 keys)   $32.95
     (will fit most 1973 thru 1980 900 & 1000 models)
         Seat Lock  (w/1 key)        $29.95
     (fits only 1973 to 1975 Z-1 models)
         Fork Lock  (w/1 key)        $44.95
     (will fit 1973 thru 1978 900 & 1000 models...
                      except 1978 KZ1000D / Z1-R)

      **Complete Set / 1976 thru 1980 models (no pic shown)
         (check with us for 1979 & 1980 apps >

       (Except KZ1000E / ST Shaft & KZ1000D / Z1-R)

Call us for Specific Applications -

From In-Stock to 2 week wait on lock sets


Seat locks for 1973 thru 1980 models ........

Left:  For all 1973 thru 1975 Z-1 models
            New Repro Seat Lock  (w/1 key)    $29.95

Right:  For all 1976 thru 1980 KZ900 models, KZ1000A and KZ1000B (LTD) models...... (not for KZ1000D / Z1-R)
        OEM / Available good/used  (w/1 key)   $40.00
                         (Limited Availabilty)

  New Kawasaki OEM seat lock (when avail.)


New repro seat lock......

For all 1976 thru 1980 KZ900 models, KZ1000A and KZ1000B (LTD) models...... (not for KZ1000D / Z1-R)
                       (with 1 key)  $48.95

OEM / Good /Used  (w/1 key)   $40.00
                         (Limited Availabilty)


Complete, used seat lock asembly for all 1973 thru 1975 Z-1 models.....

Includes all of the parts shown..... One lock (mounted) comes without key (#552).... Also comes with new aftermarket lock with 1 key....

Only 1 available                $75.00  SOLD

Misc. invividual Z-1 seat lock parts are available....
Call for Info

Kawasaki OEM / NOS seat lock for the Z1-R models.....


                            SOLD - Currently N/A

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