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Inner Tubes

While most of the 1973 thru 1977 Kaw 900 & 1000 models with spoke wheels use inner tubes
that are readily available, many of the mag-wheel models from 1977 thru 1980 use tubes that are not
so easily found - -
Unfortunately, the solution at some motorcycle shops is to install tubes that aren't quite right...
....And much worse, some shops and Kaw owners are unaware that ALL of the 1977 thru 1980 1000 mag-wheel
models REQUIRE a tube - These mags often have porous castings, and they were not tubeless rated....
Running them without an inner tube can result in pressure leaks - OR WORSE!

We stock all of the correct inner tubes for the 1973 thru 1980 Kaw 900 & 1000 models .....

All priced at $28.95 each

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