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Sprocket Hub Dampers

New Kawasaki OEM hub dampers for the 1973 to 1977 Z-1 & KZ900 models......

Odds are that although the rear sprocket on your Kaw 900 has been changed, or maybe changed twice, the original hub shock absorbing dampers are still in there....And they are probably shot......Take a look.....These dampers cushion the shock when the clutch is let out...especially under extreme hole-shot or wheelie conditions.....

New ones make a big difference in smoothness....Do your bike a favor....It might last another 30 years....

In Stock at Redline Cycle
                                   Damper each     $24.29
                                   Set of 6           $134.95

For all 1977 to 1980 KZ1000B (LTD) models, 
Kawasaki OEM NOS sprocket hub damper .....
                From In Stock to 2 week wait

For all 1977-78 KZ1000A models
     Kawasaki OEM sprocket hub damper......
                    No longer available new....
                     Available good/used only          $74.99
                   Limited Availability

Call for info on hub dampers for other models......
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