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Cylinder Head Gaskets: 1 piece & 2 piece

These are the same gaskets that we use on our project bike engines,
and the engines we build for our customers.....



2 piece head gaskets For all 1973 thru 1980 900 & 1000 models ......

High-quality aftermarket 2-piece head gaskets are ideal for
stock 900 & 1000 engines...... At less than 1/3 the cost of the Kaw OEM stuff ....

Complete with center o-ring.....

Tech tips on installing these gaskets and proper sealers will come along with them .......

For 900 engines  >  $59.95 per set / 2
For 1000 engines >   $54.95 per set / 2 (both sides)

In Stock at Redline Cycle

1 piece cylinder head gaskets for all 1973 to 1980 models with 1075cc (72mm bore) and larger displacements.......

For bore kits and special applications over 70mm bore

Used in place of the original type 2 piece gasket with the o-ring.....These gaskets eliminate the leak-prone center o-ring,  Installation requires minor mods (instructions are included) 

For a helpful tech tip on installing these,  Click Here

Available for all common street bore sizes from 1000cc (70mm) to 1260cc (78mm).......
Note - 70mm size and lower not always in stock.

                                   $59.95 each

Special Kawasdaki  OEM 1 piece head gasket 

This gasket is used for the specific application of the >> early 
1973 Z1 engines without the recess for the center o-ring -

Limited Availability

                                    $89.95 each



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