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Inside the KZ engine continued....

In the upside down view of the assembled lower end, you can see that all of the case bolts have been replaced with  new, high grade bolts  They add rigidity to the engine, will never break off, and add to the looks of the motor. Even the oil pan has been glass blasted. There are high-strength bolts on the inside also....grade 8 bolts reinforce the crankshaft.  Unlike the original bolts, often weakened by overtightening from previous clutch work, these  clutch spring bolts  will not break off in the clutch hub and could prevent major engine damage. More said about the clutch on the following page.
The cylinder block has been cleaned and bored to 73mm (1105cc). Wiseco 1105cc piston is at left....stock 70mm 1015cc piston at right. 1105cc is the limit bore for the stock 1000 cylinder. We often build our street engines to  1075cc (72mm) ....right side pic shows the noticeably thinner remaining wall on the 1105 bore at left as compared to the 1075 bore at right. 1075 engines leave the option of another overbore in the future. This engine will be built for maximum horsepower from the beginning.
Once the rings have all been checked and gapped in their bores, this cylinder was masked and painted
low-gloss a nice contrast on the bead-blasted cases.
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