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Engine Side Cover Screws & Screw Kits

We stock both original type phillips screws and chrome allen screws in sets for all Kaw 900's and 1000's
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This set of high-quality chrome allen head bolts includes all the side cover bolts for all 1973 thru 1980 900 & 1000 models.....
Unlike most kits, it also includes the long 125mm and 70mm bolts for the sprocket cover......
Complete with allen wrench.......Made in the USA

                                  $44.95 per set

In Stock at Redline Cycle

Phillips screw sets for all 1973 thru 1980 900 & 1000
models ......... Made in Japan

This is a good set, that we improve with some better stuff before we ship it to you!!

This set includes the long hex bolts for the sprocket 

                               $36.95 per set 

In Stock at Redline Cycle

For all 1973 thru 1980 Kawasaki 900 & 1000 models

Kawasaki OEM hexbolts for the sprocket cover.....

Each bike uses two 70mm length bolts $2.50 each

               and two 125mm length bolts     $5.99 each

In Stock at Redline Cycle

Mission cover (shift linkage cover) screws - Sold in sets

9 screw (early engines) or 10 screw (1979-1980 engines) 

5 (or 6)  X 20mm length
2 X 35mm length
1  X 25mm length
1 X 60mm length
                                       Set of 9 $7.95

                                       Set of 10 $9.45

In Stock at Redline Cycle

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