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Engine Gasket Kits - Standard

These gasket kits include very good quality aftermarket gaskets. We just wanted to mention that they
contain aftermarket versions of the stock 2-piece head gaskets with the center o-ring. We don't use
this type of gasket on the engines we build. We use a  one piece head gasket  on  our engines,
as well as some other upgraded items....
We get a lot of demand for these kits, however, so we offer them in our catalog.

For info on the gaskets we use on our engines, check out our  Redline Top End Gaskets Sets ....

High quality, aftermarket top end gasket sets for all 1973 thru 1980 900 & 1000 models......

These good, basic top end sets include the following:

* Original style 2 piece head gaskets, and center o-ring
* Cylinder base gasket
* Cylinder base o-rings
* Valve cover gasket
* Breather cover gaskets (in kits for 79 & 80 1000 models)
* Cam chain tensioner gsaket
* Valve stem seals
* Tach drive body o-ring
* Original style copper exhaust gaskets

In Stock at Redline Cycle
                                        For all 1000 models $109.95 per set
                                         For all 900 models $119.95 per set

Parts not included, and that you may need,  include >

* Oil Seals

* Tach Drive Seals

Cam End Seals



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