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Buying Reproduction Emblems - Be Cautious .......

We have purchased repro tank & sidecover emblems for the Old Kaws
frequently over the last 5 years, from several sources.

We'd like to make you aware of potential problems involved in ordering
them - in particular from foreign sources -

Over the last 2 years, sidecover emblems purchased from foreign sources
outside of North America
have been of poor quality, both in outward appearance and in the position
of and quality of their mounting posts -

Sidecover emblems purchased from Australia have commonly arrived
damaged - with weak or broken mounting posts, making them near-useless -

In these instances, the suppliers of these pieces have shown little interest
in taking returns on these items, or offering any refunds for shipping damaged goods -
  Knowing that an American buyer has little recourse to get his money back -
even if there is postal insurance on the shipment.....

We strongly recommend that you avoid ordering these items from any Australian source -
And be cautious buying them from any foreign source ouitside of North America

We are aware that there are many sources from which to obtain these emblems,
many of them less expensive than Redline -

However, unlike many parts suppliers, we will never ship out a damaged emblem,
or any other part that we would not use ourselves -

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