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530 Chain / Sprocket Conversion Kits

For all 1977 thru 1980 1000 chain drive models........
    (Not available for 900 models)

Ultra-high quality 530 drive chain & steel sprocket conversion kit 

Complete with new flange-style rear sprocket nuts and new Kawasaki OEM tab washer for front sprocket -

High quality o-ring chain is supplied with clip-type master link

For performance applications..........
Gear ratio 2.37 (same as 14 tooth conversion with 630)

                                                        $279.95      Special Order


High-end 530 chain conversion set for all 1973 thru 1980 Kawasaki 1000 models -
New, chromed 40 tooth steel rear sprocket / New 17 tooth front sprocket -
Provides a 2.20 ratio
Same as using a 14 tooth 630 front (1 tooth lower than stock) with the stock 33 tooth rear 630 sprocket (Stock ratio is 2.35) - -
For performance street applications / drag race applications - Or for a show bike -
Super high-quality / gold colored / RK X-Ring racing chain comes with both clip-type and rivet-type master links - -
120 link length will accommodate any swingarm length from stock to 4 inch over stock......
Also comes with a set of new, high quality rear sprocket serrated flange nuts, and a new Kaw OEM countershaft sprocket tab washer

Only 1 of the above was available    $299.00   SOLD

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