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And we don't have a "shopping cart" on the site - This is intentional ....
More on this below.....                           This page last updated 4-10-19

  Yes – Redline Cycle is still open, and selling a full inventory of Kaw 900 & 1000 parts from its online catalog.
There are over 4000 pages on our website, and our old phone numbers (no longer in service) will all be deleted from all the pages over time.

We take orders via e-mail (   and payment by PayPal / Checks / Money Orders – - We no longer take credit cards
Please give us the year & model of your Kaw -  - Please state your payment preference, and your shipping zip code (or international location - International orders are shipped by USPS Priority Mail only - The rate based on your specific location). ….. and I'll send you an invoice,and a PayPal payment request, or, if necessary, a mailing address for your payment - - And just in case, your phone number
If a phone call becomes necessary, it will happen.

What can we do for you?    Jim Goebel / Mgr. / Redline Cycle Svc., Inc.

   To Order by e-mail: You can always e-mail us for parts orders and other inquiries by sending e-mail to:
                                .....Our e-mail-box is monitored many times daily
                                    To speed up your order, include your name, shipping address, year and model of
                                     your bike, and your daytime or best phone number - We can call you to get more info if needed.

        We have to communicate with most customers to take orders - It's the best way to get you the right parts

                               If you don't see it in our catalog, that doesn't mean we don't have it....

We also have TONS of good, used Kaw 900 & 1000 Parts..... All guaranteed! ............. Just ask
contact us by e-mail at:

Below.....A few notes about our online parts catalog........

        First of all, all the parts listed in our catalog are parts that we have used personally either in the construction of / or servicing of these bikes.  We don't sell anything that we don't have confidence in.
      In that regard, we differ from our competition: Mainly because most of them are just parts salesmen - they don't really know much - if anything - about these bikes. We not only work on these bikes, but we own and ride them, service them, and build them - Often from parts off our shelves alone - Yes - Including the engine.
      Some of our prices are higher than those of our competition - You are paying for the tech advice and customer service that we offer our customers - 40 years of experience riding, building, and servicing old Kaws. Please don't be offended if we are reluctant to give tech advice - Our knowledge and experience is our greatest resource - We don't give it away to people who buy their parts elsewhere.
      While our catalog largely consists of new OEM*, NOS*, and aftermarket* items for Old Kaws, references will often be made in individual sections regarding used parts of that type we have at a given time.....We have way too much used stuff  to list it all, and our inventory changes daily.
     Some of the parts that we sell are imported from Japan, which isn't easy - or cheap. At times, the exchange rate between the dollar and the yen, and the very high cost of shipping, actually results in many of these parts being unprofitable, or sold at a loss. Rather than stop selling them, we continue to offer them as a service to our customers.
    In order to prevent any possibility of identity theft, we do not keep records in a computerized database like a lot of companies do.  And taking it a step further, we stopped taking credit cards altogether in July, 2015. While this makes things inconvenient in some ways, it totally eliminates the possibility of identity theft by doing business with us.  

   *You'll see the terms "NOS",   "OEM", and "aftermarket" used throughout our catalog. A short glossary:
    OEM / Original Equipment manufacturer - These are parts made for and/or made by Kawasaki Motors Corp.
      that were listed by Kawasaki, with Kawasaki part numbers,  as the components of the original motorcycles.

    NOS / New Old Stock - These parts are no longer manufactured or available from the original source,
                     but new samples remain eleswhere...... This term usually, but not always, refers to an OEM part.

    Aftermarket / This term refers to parts that were not sold thru Kawasaki Motors Corp. as components
                                in their parts breakdown for the original vehicle. This is a little misleading, because it is
                                also often taken to mean any part not made by Kawasaki. This isn't really true, because
                                Kawasaki, as all vehicle manufacturers, outsources many, if not the majority of the parts
                                for their motorcycles. Kawasaki, at the time the 900's and 1000's were made, was a designer
                                and manufacturer of motorcycles and their engines, but did not make their own electrical
                                parts, tires, oil, and many other components for the vehicles.

     We will not have a "shopping cart" for online ordering like some sites do. Why?.........While it might seem convenient to order that way, we prefer to do this the old-fashioned take orders having as much info based on the specific needs of the individual customer.
We'd rather take the time to make sure what kind of bike you have, and make sure you get what you want - and that it will work for you - the first time!! .....You can e-mail us your number and we'd be glad to contact you.
       Speaking of what kind of bike you have, do you realize that 1/3 of the Old Kaw owners who call us for parts or service don't really know what model of bike they have? In addition, the great majority of 1973 thru 1980 Kaw 900's and 1000's still on the road have been modified radically from original condition, and a given bike can have parts from 5, or 10 different models incorporated into it. We can determine from our  40 years of experience with these bikes what you've got,  and make sure you get something from Redline that you will be satisfied with. So,  it is going to be helpful to have your frame serial number (VIN) and your engine serial number at might just be surprised what your bike is ........or used to be.

    Since 1976, customer satisfaction has been our primary focus. Today,  that focus remains.

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