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Mikuni VM29 / Smoothbore Parts

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      Bowl Gaskets for the VM29's                                                 Bowl Gaskets for the VM29's                                  Genuine Mikuni pilot and main jets...
                                   $8.49 ea.                                                      w/Accel. pump  $10.95 ea.                                           ... all common sizes in stock  $5.49 ea.
                                                                                                (Special Order / Limited Availability)                               

      Genuine Mikuni NOS VM29 floats               Genuine Mikuni float bowl            Genuine Mikuni VM29 O-rings, etc:
                                  $28.95 ea.                               plugs & o-rings ........       Top Left: For mixture screw: $3.29 ea.
                                                                        Plugs:     $11.95 ea.                    Bottom Left: For fuel joint: $2.99 ea.
                                                                        O-rings:  $2.79 ea.                      Top Right: For bowl plug: $2.79 ea.
                                                                                                                              Bottom Right: Seat washer: $1.29 ea.

       Genuine Mikuni Needle & Seat for             Genuine Mikuni jet block gaskets
         VM29's   $29.95  each                                        $2.99 each

e-mail us at > for info and to order

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