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Cam End Seals

You may notice below that we now also sell a less expensive aftermarket replacement bonded rubber
end seal. We have experimented with 10 different types of aftermarket end seals over the last 30 years.
Most of them are junk.....Trying to save $20 isn't worth what happens when the end seals
leak or pop out while riding.........
But we have now found a Japanese-made, bonded rubber,  OEM-style end seal - that after
testing for 2 years has proven itself on our own bikes.....
We don't sell what we don't use.....Or what we don't trust...

A variety of cam end seals - all types fit all 1973 thru 1980 900 or 1000 models.....4 required per bike....

Left - Original Kawasaki OEM bonded rubber end seals... 

                                     $19.49 ea.
             The best.........  $72.00 set / 4

Optional: Aftermarket OEM-style bonded rubber end seals
                Imported from Japan - excellent quality......
             Will do the job ..   $54.00 set / 4  

Center & Right - Aluminum, re-useable end seals,
Note >  We no longer carry the blue (APE) cam end seals.   We do still
sell the siilver ones, which are at least as good of a quality as the APE.
Keep in mind that, being aluminum, these can be painted ANY color in about 5 minutes.
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Tech Note:
Note: Check your  Cam End Seals  before replacing the cam cover.....If they show signs of leaking or have moved out of position when removing the cover, replace them now - or you're doing it all over again sooner than you'd like....Don't use sealer under your stock / aftermarket  rubber end seals!

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