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1985 Kawasaki ZN1100B / LTD
                                                       In Redline Cycle's Kawasaki Collection
                                                                                 For sale........... $4600.00 SOLD

                                                                       ...... End of the line for the big Kaw LTD's
                                                              ........End of an era for Kawasaki

The first time you ride this bike, and twist the throttle back.......
Any doubts you had about buying it will be GONE!!!!

Bike is not perfect - But this is about as close to a new ZN1100B that your going to get....

Kawasaki introduced their first LTD model, the KZ900B1 / 900 LTD  in 1976.....

In 1977, Kaw introduced the KZ1000B1 / LTD, followed by similar 1000 LTD's in
1978 thru 1980 -

In 1981, with a complete revamp of the Kaw model line, the big LTD tradition was
continued with the KZ1000K1 / LTD, follwed in 1982 by the largely unchanged
KZ1000K2 / LTD.

The 1983 KZ1100L / LTD was a unique 1-year model - - Very rarely seen today -
And in 1983 the big LTD became a shaft drive .......

In 1984 Kaw introduced what would end up being the last big version of the LTD's -
The 1984 ZN1100B was a completely new design

The 1985 ZN1100B marked the end of the line for the big Kaw LTD tradition. After 1985, Kaw's
only LTD model was the EN450 / 454 LTD

And the ZN1100B was the end of an era for Kawasaki that started with the Z-1 in 1973 -

While it may not look one bit like a Z-1, all of the 1973 Z-1's thru the 1985 ZN1100B's
share much of the same engineering .......

Since the 1976 KZ900B / LTD, this big LTD had gained shaft drive, mag wheels,
air-adjustable front & rear suspension, electronic ignition, electronic tach & speedo,
CV carbs, Misc. other standard equipment, and app. 70 lbs of added weight -
But, like all the Old Kaw engines, the 1089cc motor is a powerhouse, and hauls it all around with authority....

Like many of the 1981 and later Kaw 1000's and 1100's, The ZN1100B's are
rarely seen on the street today in any condition - Parts for these bikes are few and far between -
......So don't wreck it!!

Redline is fortunate to have this original ZN1100B in mint condition -

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