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1976 Kawasaki KZ900A

                                                          Great base for a KZ900A Project Bike......
                                                        .......Or - just have some fun!  - -  Cheap......

Just under 24K miles on this KZ900 - -
Has been in our inventory as potential for a future project -     $2600.00   SOLD
                                                                                          Ready for Delivery April 2014

Owned by a Redline customer for 10 years, this bike had $800 worth of service
done a year ago to get it ready for the season - It has always been a good and reliable runner -
It will run all this season - and probably would run 10 more seasons......

Good engine / trans / clutch / charging system / brakes.....
Dunlop 404 tires have about 1000 miles on them - And the bike will be delivered running well .....
Black spray-can level paint job looks better than most - Kereker exhaust -
Tuned - Carbs serviced & synched -

Ride it like it is for as long as you want - Make it nice someday if you're into it -

And something you'll get here that you won't get on other internet sites  (until you find out later, of course) -
All the negatives on this bike - Listed below:

Engine smokes on startup, clears up when it warms up -
Like a lot of 900's, the original bronze valve guides have seen better days......

Front frame fork stop slightly bent from a front-end hit many years ago - Can be fixed - Does not affect handling

Kerker pipe has some rash on the bottom (don't they all?)

Dent in RH front side of tank  /   Aftermarket side covers /  Seat a bit rough -   /  Has misc. small cosmetic issues -

But it is fun to ride - - I thought so, and put a few hundred miles on it in 2013 -

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