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1980 Kawasaki KZ1000B4
                                     Redline Project Bike 2009-2010

Another bike rebuilt from the ground-up.....Recently modified with silver / glass-blasted
LTD rims........   $5,800.00  SOLD

Our goal with this project was to build a very tight, eye-catching, but affordable LTD Project Bike.....
Work included all our usual chassis upgrades, complete engine rebuild, custom paint (shown below),
and a re-covered LTD seat.....

This Redline project features a fully rebuilt 1015cc MKII engine, with
3 angle valve job, a heavy-duty camchain with all new guides & rollers.....
Glass blasted cases and head, with black cylinder..... A very solid runner.....
New black paint with silver graphics...... Factory tank emblems with our custom Redline sidecover decals.......
The pics don't do this bike justice!

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