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Clutch Springs and Parts

For a look into the clutch of a Kaw motor, see our Inside the Kaw Engine
pages, which will also give an explanation of why we use and sell the parts that we recommend.....

For all 1973 thru 1980 900 & 1000 models.......
                  (Except 1979-1980 KZ1000E/ST)
Kawasaki OEM clutch springs ...5 per bike......
                                                  $5.99 each
For 1979-1980 KZ1000E/ST Models:
                          6 per bike ......  $4.49 each

Grade 8 clutch spring bolts......The stock clutch spring bolts are often stressed and ready to break from previous clutch jobs and over-tightening.....Don't lose your engine
over $2.50......It happens....
                                                 Set of 5    $2.50

Kawasaki OEM clutch spring washers.....1973 thru 1976 Z-1 and KZ900 models use a captive washer on the clutch spring bolt. It is difficult to remove the bolt and more difficult to re-size the washer for use with better spring bolts. These later 1000 style washers make it easy - just throw the old stuff away.....5 per bike
                                                     $4.89   each  VERY Limited Availability


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