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Brake Caliper Piston Seals / Boots

There are several different front and rear brake calipers that were used on the 1973 thru 1980 Kaw
900's and 1000's.........To help identify which parts you have on your bike,
check our  Brake Caliper I.D. Page
In many instances, parts have been switched and the brakes that are on a bike now are often
not the original equipment for a given VIN #.......

Kawasaki OEM brake caliper piston seals and boots.....See our  Brake Caliper I.D. Page  for help with applications.....

Top left: Piston dust boot for Z-1 front calipers  $13.49 each

Top center: Piston dust boot for all KZ
          front, and early 1000B rear calipers $10.00 each

Top right: Piston dust boot for early 1000A rear
                        and late 1000 rear calipers $13.00 each

Bottom left: Piston seal for all early & late 1000A rear calipers, and for early 1000B rear calipers  $10.00 each
(KZ1000A early rear calipers, and all KZ1000 late rear calipers are dual-piston: Use 2 seals/2 boots)

Bottom center: Piston seal for Z-1 front, all KZ
   front, and late KZ1000 rear calipers       $10.00 each

Bottom right: Caliper half seals....for dual-piston calipers....
       Top:  For late 1000 rear calipers           $4.99 each
       Bottom: For early 1000A rear calipers    $5.99 each

If necessary..... Call for applications and prices.............
                 .........toll-free 877-271-9292

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